REcent commissioned work

'Tropics' series

Commissioned for Carousel


'kaleidoscope' series

Created through the manipulation of a photograph of a rocky landscape in Iceland, this series explores an abstract expression of the oxymoronic turbulence and order of the human mind. 


Using images the sky to portray the creation of life, by mimicking DNA and cell division patterns.

This represents the theory that the universe is made up of sequences, which repeat themselves at small to large scales.  

'Flow' Series

Photographs taken of an Icelandic landscape are combined to express the power of natural forces; Earth and Water. 

Includes commissioned works for 'Terrapin' album art. 

'Statues' series

Distorting distinctive statues and monuments found around Europe. These aim to question the motives and influence of Religion and beliefs on Western society over the past Centuries.


An abstract collection inspired by the energy and movement of water. 

Displayed at Brunswick Street Gallery (Fitzroy, Australia) January 2016. 

Realism series